One of the best attributes anyone plan­ning an event can have is another person to help! At the Chico Event Cen­ter we want to be more than just a venue. From the day you book with us, until after your event, we are here to help.

Meet Dawnielle Coker.

Dawnielle has been with the Chico Event Center since 2011 and has since worked over 200+ events. From weddings, conferences, reunions, holiday and dinner parties she’s here to make sure your big day, whatever it is, goes smoothly and according to plan.

Don’t know how much booze or food to order for your guests? Dawn­ielle can give you educated estimates. Don’t have an eye for how to stage the venue, seat your guests, or what sort of time frame to fallow? Dawn­ielle has years of experience with decorating, color scheme ideas and seating arrangements and is more than happy to make suggestions and rec­ommendations to make your event memorable.

Phone/Text: (530) 898-8387


Instagram: @chicoeventcenter